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temperatures this morning are running in the 60s with upper 50s in the shenandoah valley and highs today in the 70s with off and on showers most of the day. 6:00 a.m. time for traffic. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. wet roads causing problems. a crash in bowie. right now westbound 50 toward dc at 301. we have a crash taking away two right lanes right now. not seeing major delays approaching the scene. watch for that. that is your route to work. another crash to watch for is 495 north of town. a live picture here. you are seeing delays associated with this one. a lot of traffic. inner loop a colesville and finally in virginia good news to wrap this up. no accidents reported on 95, 395, 66 is slow between 50 and 123. it is 6:01. andrea, back to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. supreme court justice elena kagan meets with her colleagues
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for the first time. the nine justices will decide which cases to take up in their new term. it begins on monday. new ramps are open at the telegraph road interchange. watch for the signs to guide you. the ramps are opening two months ahead of schedule. and nearly four years after they were approved by voters, maryland's first slot parlor opens in perryville off of 95 in cecil county. the parlor is opening this morning at 8:00. three days ahead of schedule. also this morning, new security measures are put in to place at a busy metro station and it could affect your morning commute. you will see the changes today at the pentagon metro station on the blue and yellow line. kristin fisher is live in arlington with the story. >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. these changes are going to be a little bit inconvenient, but you know the good news is they shouldn't add too much time to your morning commute, if any time at all. so that's the good news there.
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break it down for you. these changes are all because of what happened here last march. you may remember when john patrick bedell opened fire at this to the pentagon. ever since pentagon officials said they need to move the check points farther away from the actual building. this morning they are going to begin the process of doing just that. here's what it means for you, the commuter. it means that a new pedestrian traffic patten near the pentagon main visitors entrance. if you are just walking from the bus platform to the rail stations north entrance you are fine. no big changes. but if you are walking from the pentagon's visitors entrance on the south side that's when you have to watch out. metro customers will no longer have access to the left center walkway near the station's south escalators, which lead to that visitors entrance. the walkway is only accessible to pentagon pass holders. it is an issue on mornings like
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this one where it is raining. it is the only covered walkway on the south side. the defense department plans to build a temporary canopy next monday. until then pedestrians will be directed to the north side escalators during bad weather. of course we have a little bad weather this morning. so, if you are heading to the pentagon metro station you want to take that detour to use the covered canopy. the good news is if i sound like i'm talk atlantic gibberish and you have to idea what i'm talking about, don't worry, metro has posted signs in the metro station to direct people as to what they need to do because of the changes. and you will have to go ahead and get used to them. they will likely stay in affect until 2012. the department of defense is working on building a security check point at the pentagon but it will be a while. it won't be complete until 2012. get used to these things. they will likely be in place
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until then. >> dunn sound like jibbering. but a lot of information we need to hear. police hope a driver's side mirror left at the scene of a hit and run will help them to identify the car. it happened on carroll avenue and piney branch road. witnesses told 9 news now what they saw. >> she is laying face down her flip flops in the middle of the road her phone is broke and maybe she was bringing food for her family or something. >> reporter: at point we only know the victim was a 24-year- old woman. police say they are looking for a black sedan with a missing side view mirror. montgomery county police are looking for a bank robber who struck in burtonsville. these are surveillance photos of the robber in action. this happened on saturday morning at the sun trust bank on national drive. police say the suspect was armed. he's described as a male in his
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mid-20s. well, redskins fans reason feeling too good this morning. they were hoping for an easy win over a dreadful st. louis team. that didn't happen. you know what they say on any given sunday. it was competitive in the first half. here's mcnabb finding moss with a 21-yard touchdown. 14-13 rams at halftime. st. louis took the lead in the third quarter. darby ran the ball in 12-yards. there he goes for the go-ahead score. redskins lose 30-16. after the game the players weren't too happy with their performance. >> we didn't focus. we kind of expected this is the rams an we are going to come in here. >> had the team move the ball on you and get 30 points. it is ridiculous. >> they really have to focus now. up next for the skins a real challenge, a visit to philadelphia and of course the
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eagles with michael vick as the quarterback. they beat the jaguars on sunday 28-3. whoa! it is six after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with coffee talk and we are shaking our heads over the skins and the eagles. >> at least we have coffee. >> i tell ya. glen. >> one way to get through the day. wednesday is national coffee day. and we are addicted. a survey came out from our partners a career builder and dunkin' donuts and it shows a cup of joe helps to keep us product i have and energetic at the office. here's the numbers for ya. 32% of workers said they need a cup of coffee to get through the day. 43% reported they are less productive if they don't drink coffee on the job. coffee equals congratulations for 24% of us. and keep the refills coming.
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37% drink two or more cups a day. how many do you drink? >> i only drink a little bit to get the throat warm but i'm a holiday person. i get my white mocha on holidays only. i know the calories that are sobbed with it. they are so good. >> we have a list of the most addicted professionals out there. this is a list of professions with the highest proportion of workers stating they are less productive without coffee. the top five are -- nurses, physicians, holiday workers, designers and architects are at number four and five, financial and insurance representatives. for the record, journalists didn't make the top five. government workers came in at number 12. >> almost every journalist but howard is not a coffee drinker. so there are some but just a little to keep it going. have a good day. >> you too. a job fair in columbia
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heights. ihop wants to hire people. it is at the columbia heights community center at 1480 gerard street. get more information by going to the columbia heights page on the where you live section at get news from more than 50 communities around our reon. it isle after the hour. our monday morning hero central report is next. helping the youngest victims of homelessness. learn what bright beginnings is doing for children in need in our area. we begin our focus on weather in maryland. >> we have had some rain overnight and right now across maryland we start with live doppler 9000 hd. some breaks, as well. you look over to prince georges county, the southern half and anne arundel county, annapolis not raining at the moment but near gaithersburg and through baltimore we have moderate downpours there. look at the forecast for the rest of monday. we will have off and on
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showers. 9:00 upper 60s to lower 70s. lunchtime, occasional showers. gaithersburg 68. annapolis 71. warmer southern maryland. pax river 77. this afternoon temperatures in the low to mid mid-70s. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> thank you, howard. the rain is not painting a pretty picture for commuter on the north side of the beltway. inner loop, two accidents to talk about. this is the delay associated with it. delays are backed up to connecticut on both sides of the beltway because of the rubbernecking on the other side. watch for that. allow plenty of extra time to get to work. as we move to the realtime maps we have a crash at route a 0 and 301. taking away two lanes. emergency crews are trying to clear it up and 270, good news there. this is the delay associated with that first crash.
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looking good father hurley to the split. the time is 6:10. more news coming up in 90 seconds. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason.
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first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. when a homeless person puts his out out for a handout, some of you probably keep walking but what if the homeless person
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was 3 years old? we look at a place that helps give a bright beginning. >> this is one homeless person you won't see begging for a dollar. right now he doesn't know he is homeless and here at bright beginnings they'd just as soon keep it that way. >> we are here to support the homeless children and families. >> reporter: dr. betty joe gains runs bright beginnings. and six months to five years old it is day care and a lot more. >> we have a very strong educational component. it is designed to provide or to help the children prepare for school. we serve them three hot meals a day. >> reporter: plus, a hefty dose of love and one on one attention, not to mention programs to help the parents get on their feet, as well. gains says question one when they come in the door is how
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can we help. >> if a parent says, i would like to get my ged. while we do not offer ged programs, we will seek out an agency that will provide that service for the families. >> reporter: services margaret battle desperately needed when she brought her 2 and 5-year- olds here after losing her teachers aide position in prince georges county. >> i loved it. because you don't find too many programs like bright beginnings. >> reporter: nor any better reason to support it than this one. >> when you see the smiles on these children's faces you know white we are here an it says everything. >> derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> bright beginnings has several events including a baby shower with a purpose and shop for a cause. for more information on this organization and other charities, go to our website at and click on the hero central link. coming up now on 6:14. here's what is in the news now.
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the white house is trying to keep middle east peace talks going. >> israeli settlers are breaking ground on construction in the best bank. it sparked fears the peace process may halt. computer exert -- experts are keeping an eye on a new worm. 60% of the computers infect ready in iran. that has some questions whether it was create aid foreign government. the upper midwest is seeing some of the worst flooding in years. this is what it looks like in minnesota. >> they usually get flooding in the spring from the snow melt and the ice blocs on the rivers. >> a lot of rain this summer. we are finally getting rain. >> hopefully we won get as must have as they are getting. >> but a lot of tropical connection with this. we could pick up a couple of inches in the next day or so. we will take every drop of that. go to the weather computer and show you what we are doing here. we have this rain.
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it is cloudy. some showers yesterday morning. breaks during the day and overnight more rain. some heavy at times and we have some breaks, as well. you see it to the south. on live doppler 9000 hd, we show you that here in washington, another batch of showers is set to move in from the south. we have breaks in montgomery county and anne arundel county and southern loudoun and northern fairfax. this woodbridge to springfield is lifting to the north. you see it clinton, as well. north beach little shower about to move through and just in though gaithersburg now a decent shower is falling there but much of the afternoon has pulled north. we will widen the picture. to the west and southwest, amissville to warrenton this is lifting in our direction. the bus stop forecast this morning, no surprise, rain showers and drizzle. temperatures generally in the 60s with the sunrise at 7 a.m. parts of the shenandoah valley are in the upper 50s. we will slowly climb to the lower to mid-70s this
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afternoon. some upper 70s south. won't be raining all tee time but we will call it numerous showers and thunder possible with highs in the mid-70s. on the, shower and storms. some could be severe on the. damaging wind gusts 65 to 70. don't have a weather radio i suggest you sleep in a lower level if you have trees nearby. don't take chances. mainly a.m. showers and storms. clearing by midday if not afternoon. highs 80. southwest winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. 73 now is the warm spot in southern maryland. fredericksburg is 66. 68 newland. 72 reedville. 57 in cross junction where steve is happy to get the rain. winchester 59 and we have low to mid-60s. uniform on the temperatures across the board. seven-day forecast shows a chance of another system to come up the coast by thursday. today, tonight, tomorrow morning, the showers and storms. wednesday looks good.
6:17 am
this system on thursday might stay east of us don't be surprised at noon tomorrow you see more sunshine on thursday. the weekend looks cooler. by sunday it will be sunny with highs in the low 60s. it is 6:17. wet roads mean traffic problems. >> that's right. we are seeing it out there for sure. as you can see the inner loop on the capital beltway. this is the trouble spot we are watching this morning. inner loop at connecticut. one crash. second crash inner loop at colesville. as a result delays are backed up connecticut to 95. a live picture to show you what is happening out there. if you are traveling the inner loop in montgomery county, this is what we can be expecting the next half hour or so until this clears out. watch for that. as we move on to virginia. 66, much better in terms of accidents. not seeing it out there despite the rain but volume for sure. 50 to 123 an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get to work on time.
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same on 395 an 95. starting to crawl from duke street to the pentagon. no accidents on this stretch either. finally we will wrap it up in dc. new york avenue starting to see crawling now from the times building all the way to the third street tunnel. back to andrea with more news. >> thank you. some amazing video this morning from inside of a delta airlines jet. it made an emergency landing this weekend in new york. you can hear the flight attendan making sure her passengers stay safe. >> stay down! stay down! stay down! >> reporter: the video shows sparks out the window of the flight from atlanta. the right side landing gear on the regional jet wouldn't come down. the pilot landed the plan safely at jfk airport. all 60 people got off uninjured. >> i really think the pilot did an incredible job. really do. he must have balanced on one wheel and eased it over to the
6:19 am
wing. so she did a great job. i was nervous for a minute there, i will tell ya. >> reporter: delta the faa and ntsb are investigating what went wrong with the landing gear. the vice president's residence is getting some security upgrades. the navy plans to install a ten- foot security fence, an additional check.around vice president biden's residential compound. it is expected to cost $1.7 million. the residence sits on the property of the naval observatory in northwest washington. the secret service says the upgrades are not in response to any sort of threat against the vice president. it is 6:19. ahead in sports the nationals play the role of playoff spoiler. and alabama holds on to the top spot. in three minutes which teams are new to the top 25. we'll be right back. my father brought me up to give back to society...
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if you are a college football fan you want to look at the coaches poll that came out overnight and here's the first look. texas she only team to lose this weekend the top ten. a 34-12 route of the long horns and the loss drops texas out of the top ten and puts oregon number four with their win over arizona state. lsu jumped in the top ten over west virginia. auburn jumps three spots after rallying to beat south carolina. stanford is up 4 after handling notre dame's offense. michigan the top 20 following a win over bowling green. and south carolina dropped seven positions after losing on the road at auburn.
6:24 am
atlanta rounds out the top 25 following a win at byu and west virginia falls our of the poll and that's the "usa today" top 25 coaches poll presented by sprint, the now network. >> okay. that's a look at the "usa today" top 25. full redskins coverage about 5:00 and 6:00. have a great monday, everybody. the nationals won the series with the by the ways on sun. desmond had a sing until the seventh to put dc on top. nats win 4-2. the phillies magic number to win the nl east is down to one. it is 2:24. we will have more reaction to the redskins loss coming up. and another call for action in cleaning up the anacostia. this time from uncle sam. it is a foggy start to the week. howard says we need the rain. find out how long it will last when 9 news now returns.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
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and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. china, they're busy building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we're back. coming up on 6:29. a sunday filled with relaxation, meditation and flexible people in the district. this is a global mala, a worldwide time for yoga. dozens of people took part in
6:29 am
meridian hill park and other locations around the world. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein son the weather terrace with the forecast. >> light rain and drizzle here at the moment. not a good hair day. if humidity is your enemy, you are not going to be happy. look at live doppler 9000 hd and all the moisture from the south. we are great to get the rain after the summer we have had an the drought conditions we are enduring. live doppler 9000 hd hd. you see the breaks by there's the second batch of rain from the south. about to get in to dc. moving northward at 20 miles an hour. we will have off and on showers today. some thunder is possible this afternoon. upper 70s for the shenandoah valley. look at the temperatures today. 70s by noon. mid-70s for high answer strong storms on the possible. more on that coming up. good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. the wet roads, we are watching
6:30 am
a lot of incidents and accidents for you. this is in the bowie area at 801. crews still to clear up the crash blocking two ritalins heading from annapolis to dc. live camera, delays on 270. slow from 109 all the way to the beltway. stacked up all the way. allow plenty of time to get through this t. moving to 95 in virginia. it will be slow as well from dale boulevard all the way up to route 123, below speed all the way. check the travel times for you. on 495, 95 to 270, 24 minutes. below speed there. it is 6:30 on the dot. back to you. in just 90 minutes, maryland's first slots parlor opens for business. it is opening three days ahead of schedule. the perryville hollywood casino is just off of 95, about 60
6:31 am
miles north of the beltway. it's home to 1500 both slot machines. owners expect to create 350 jobs and generate $100 million a year in taxes. maryland voters aproved slots four years ago. the casino will have an official grand opening on thursday. the new slots parlor has fresh competition from just a bit up the road. the sugar house casino is open in philadelphia. it took four years between getting a license and opening its doors after protest from neighbors. philadelphia is the largest city with a full casino. uncle sam has a message for our local governments, clean up the anacostia river, and if they don't, remove an extra 600- tons of trash it will cost them. the environmental protection agency passed rules that require dc, montgomery and prince georges county to remove the trash or face a $37,000 a day penalty. the district is already
6:32 am
charging a 5 cents disposable bag fee to help to clean the river. something new on the commute today a security effort at the pentagon metro station. the station is on the southeast side of the possible so you can imagine security is already tight. kristin fisher is live in arlington to tell us exactly what is new. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. well, these changes are going to be more of an inconvenience than anything else. hopefully they will not tack on a ton of extra time to your commute but they are going to be an issue. especially on mornings like this when it is raining outside. here's what i am talking about. here's the deal. we are talking an essentially a new traffic pattern around the pentagon metro station and around that entrance to the pentagon. specifically if you are just walking from the bus platform to the rainfall stations north entrance you are fine. no big changes to talk about. but if you are walking the pentagon's visitor branson the south side, that's when you
6:33 am
need to be careful. metro customers will no longer have access to the left center walkway near the station's south escalator and elevators which lead to that pentagon visitors balance. that walkway will only be accessible to pentagon building pass holders. this is an issue, as i said, especially on mornings like this because that walkway is the only covered walkway on the pentagon south side. the defense department is planning to build a tech rare canopy sometime next month. until then you have to walk outside in the rain or redirect the north side escalators during this bad weather. now, this is all, all of these changes are in response to what happened here last march when john patrick bebell -- bedell opened fire in to the pentagon. ever since they have said they need to move the check.further from the actual building and they are taking steps to do
6:34 am
just that and it starts this morning. >> heed kristin's advice and give yourself extra time. the pentagon is the 18th busiest metro station. union station is the busiest with 34,000 each day followed by metro center, gallery place, gary gut north and dupont circle. morgan boulevard is the least busy station in the system. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a new look at how we feel about the recession. >> as you know, the folks who call these things said the reassociation ended a year ago. >> i could feel it. >> yeah. the man and lady on the street doesn't necessarily agree. a study is out from the cnn opinion research corporation and it finds 74% of americans believe the economy is still in a recession. only 25% think the downturn is over. one third of americans say it is serious and 29% characterize
6:35 am
it as moderate. in the past two years, 279 banks have collapsed in america. it's the largest number in 20 years. two banks went down on friday alone. standard & poors predicts the failures will persist for some time to come. have you booked a flight lately? did it cost you a lot? our parterrer ins at a "usa today" report that airline fees are increasing, some up by 50% from a year ago and we are paying new types of fees. among them six have priority boarding fees and spirit airlines has is that righted to charge for carry on bags. that's a big ebb crease. >> i thought more people were flying out these days and would have offset that. >> one of the few areas of the economy that has seen a pickup in demand this year is travel which is why the airlines can justify the higher costs. >> wow. thank you. well, fans of the burgundy and goal are feeling blue this
6:36 am
morning. it was an up and down game yesterday in st. louis. the redskins scored 16 unanswered points capped off by the third field goal of the day. dc led 16-14 the third. an then st. louis scored 16 unanswered.s of their own. rookie quarterback sam bradford threw for 235-yards an redskins lose 30-16. >> the first drive in the second half. we were able to get down and put ourselves in position to score and again, you kicking field goals it's not going to cut it. >> we had them three or four times in 3rddown situations and didn't get off the field. that was -- that's on us. >> reporter: it is. mcnabb faces his old team next weekend on the road. they must focus. the skins visit the eagles and philadelphia beat jacksonville convincingly on sunday 28-3 behind michael vick. would a cash incentive help
6:37 am
you drop a few pounds? some companies are trying that these days. learn whether this dieting for dollars really works. right now a daily focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> good morning. keep the rain gear handy. looking a live doppler 9000 hd we have another batch of showers moving in across faulkier and prince william counties. fairfax county over to annandale and burke, a heavier shower and out of woodbridge, as well. on the weather computer, show you the forecast. temperatures out of the 60sin the low to mid-70s as we go through the afternoon hour. upper 60s for winchester. still showers around throughout the day. maybe thunder. highs in the 70s. showers mean more chances for accidents wretch seeing that out there. 95 northbound. new crash at 123 and delays begin at dale boulevard. it will be a long stretch of delays from dale boulevard up to 123 where two right lanes are blocked at this hour.
6:38 am
switch over to the next camera as we pass the mixing bowl on to duke street and 395, delays up to washington boulevard. to accidents, just a lot of volume. and finally switch it back to the key street. actually in dc. arlington in to georgetown right now. traffic is moving well. a lot of wet roads to look out for. more coming up after the break. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. in 18 minutes the "early show" on cbs begins. maggie rodriguez is in knock with a preview. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: good morning to you. it has been ten months since amanda knox was convicted of murdering her roommate in italy and she is ready to go back to an italian court to face new charges and her parents are facing the same charges. this morning her mother will join us to tell us what this is
6:43 am
about. and plus, housing market got you down? i bet it does. we have expert advice on where to find bargain basement prices on homes across the country. plus, the hottest toys for the holiday season. we will tell you which they are and which you should be buying now before they sell out. all of that and more coming up this morning on the "early show." back to you in washington. >> thank you. we will be watching. our time is 83. researchers at george washington university are putting a price tag on being fat. they found the annual cost of being overweigh is an extra $4,879 for a woman and $2,646 for a man. factors like employee sick days and lost productivity were included in the study. some companies reason taking the stats likely. they are being proactive and offering money to employees who
6:44 am
shed unneeded pounds but does dieting for dollars really work? chris casey has tried to lose weight before but nothing ever worked until -- >> they said they were going to do a contest, winner take all to lose weight. so, being an it manager i'm your typical overweight guy. so i said why not. >> reporter: anthony created the fat so to fantasticco plan to help employees get in shape and improve lives. >> health companies did screenings this year and found we were generally healthy but overweight but motivated to do something. >> reporter: a third of u.s. companies are offering financial incentives or are planning to introduce them to help employees lose weight. >> the weekly prizes are a $25 prize of some sort. itunes card, store cards. that kind of thing as well as time off. >> reporter: in addition to cash or time off, some companies offer prizes or
6:45 am
trips, a discount on health insurance premiums or a subsidized gym memberrer isership but do they work long term? this doctor has been studying weight loss programs since the ' 70s. >> i don't think we know yet. it depends how they are set up and roll out over time. >> as for chris, with two weeks left, he has lost a whopping 35- pounds and he is neck and neck with a couple of co-workers. >> i want to win a contest and that's been driving me the whole time. hopefully i do. >> reporter: he points our the program is increasing camaraderie in this office. if a co-worker sees something they shouldn't, grief is given to motivate each other and good luck to chris and his final pounds of loss. >> guilt can be powerful. >> and giving somebody the finger pointing out what they are doing wrong can be a positive way to do it. don't have to be negative. >> you don't want to really eat
6:46 am
that, do you. >> you want to stay in the competition. >> we don't want to stay in the drought competition and we will see if we get another shot of rain midweek. start with the weather computer. clouds moved in yesterday. cooler n the 70s yesterday and actually a midnight high versus 90s on saturday. this morning waves of moisture coming in. not constant rain but a lot of showers out there. go to live doppler 9000 hd because we will show you the big picture. showers all over the place. light to moderate right now. where it is not raining -- raining there is lakely drizzle falling. fairfax county a lot of green. light to moderate rain here. east of manassas and southwestern fairfax county lifting to the north and head in to montgomery and prince georges and charles. we have shower activity there. and out to warrenton we see in faulkier county seeing heavity
6:47 am
sures north of 29 coming up 17 to the plains here and marshall in a while. may market has a little rain along with gainesville to the south. the bus stop forecast, as you can imagine, it is a wet one this morning. showers and drizzle. in the 60s. sun is coming up. watch for the folks at the bus stop. 72 by noon and showers and storms are possible later on this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 70s south an we will see some breaks at times. tonight, more showers and storms. some could be strong to severe. you need to stay up on the weather on the. hopefully you have a weather radio to help you out. 65 to 70. sunset 6:57 and mainly morning showers and storms for you on tuesday. high temperatures around the 80- degree mark. in the mid-60s here in washington. low 70s south and 50s for the north and west. 59 winchester. the winds this morning are
6:48 am
northernly. we have rain this morning and storms tuesday in to wednesday morning. late showers turning in to thursday. we will see if we can keep it east and cool down for if weekend with the 60s. as you know it is monday and it's raining. it's hard to get out the door. i know. especially when there is accident and traffic to welcome you to the start of the week. we want to help you navigate through this. inner and outer loop in montgomery county between 95 and 270, extra slow. no one is going above 20 miles an hour right now due to earlier accidents. give yourself plenty of time to get through the stretch. a live camera on 270 right now. it will be slow from father hurley to falls road anginaltown to the split. that's another 20 minutes.
6:49 am
just volume, though. no accident on the stretch. in virginia, big problems on 95, a crash at 123 northbound. that's taking away two lanes. theys associated with this. backed up starting at dale boulevard to the scene. give yourself extra minutes to get through the stretch, as well. an wrap it up in dc, moving in town through new york avenue. no accidents reported but slow in stretches. right now 6:49. back to andrea. thank you. prince georges county police are trying to solve a murder this morning. they found a man inside of a parked car along the 3400 block of dodge park road. medics rushed him to the hospital with a gunshot wound. at this point they have not released the victim's name. police are looking for who slashed some tires. police say 31 vehicles were targeted. several work trucks were
6:50 am
vandalized. frederick police officers left notes on the windshield of victims they weren't able to contact. 65 rainy degrees here in northwest washington. a big day for the supreme court's newest justice. that story is just three minutes away. okay. we are four days away from the latest edition of dc.high the play of the day is from katrina of forest park law school in woodbridge, virginia. this is joseph walker. the senior receiver tyler taking it up the sideline. 25-yards. high schoolers if you would like to be a campus correspondent, get a free flip cam and a chance to win $5,000 college scholarship. just log on to dc.high school to apply.
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this is your captain speaking,
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6:53 am
we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey.
6:54 am
elena kagan meets with her colleagues for the first time. they will decide today which cases to take up. the core's new term begins a week from today. also today a look at the white house's response to the gulf oil spill the panel was appointed by president obama. the explosion last april killed 11 men and led to a massive spill in the gulf of mexico. a cigarette put in to a planter sparked last week's massive fire in manassas, virginia. flames were pushed by gusty winds and the fact the homes are so close together. three homes were destroyed and five others damaged but no one was hurt. showers and drizzle an this morning. they will be off and on all day. even some thunderstorms. highs in the 70s. code green air quality. patranya bhoolsuwan will testimony you how the roads are doing an i will have the seven- day forecast when we return.
6:55 am
6:56 am
and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy.
6:57 am
oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
6:58 am
we are back with some really strong men and women. took teams took part in the festival on saturday. the goal to get the fedex airbus to move 12 feet. the teams are made up of 25 people. this year's winner the chesapeake sheriffs office. they moved it 12 1/2 feet in five 1/2 seconds. >> we can move traffic that easily this morning, that would be great. but that is not happening, especially on 95. a crash on 123 delays backed up to dale boulevard. inarea and outer loop of the beltway, montgomery county from 95 to 270 close to a half hour. howard, the rain. >> showers off and on today. the thunderstorms could be strong to the veer overnight tonight. we will watch that carefully
6:59 am
ending midday tomorrow if not in the morning. wednesday okay. more showers on late wednesday in to thursday and much cooler weekend. >> as for wall street we have been up for four weeks in a row and looking sharply high they are morning. >> the "early show" is next. they will have more on the flooding in the upper midwest and predictions for the must have toys. howard and i will be back at noon. get the news, weather and traffic at >> we will see you all tomorrow morning at 4:25. until then have a great day. >> bye-bye. flood zone. wisconsin residents forced to fully after

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